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Andrew DeLaO
Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder / Aloha Health

Andy DeLaO is the Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of Aloha Health. Andy has worked with patient communities to develop and build 2 new hospitals and 6 new cancer centers as well as developing and leading oncology service lines and facilities. Andy has led national grants and research focusing on multidisciplinary care and patient navigation for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program. Andy has developed new models of reimbursement based on delivering care to patients on their terms. He is currently working with investment teams to build 25 cancer centers and risk reduction referral facilities in China. In addition, Andy gave the keynote Moreton Lecture at the annual American College of Radiology 2016 and is set to speak at SROA on the role of the connection economy in Healthcare. Andy is also an associate editor for the Journal Of American College of Radiology.


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