Brent Walker

SVP Marketing & Analyitcs, PatientBond

Brent Walker is the Senior Vice President Marketing & Analytics for PatientBond. PatientBond is a cloud-based, healthcare behavior change platform, enabling healthcare organizations to improve care coordination, medical outcomes and patient satisfaction. PatientBond uses automated communications (email, text, voicemail) with patient response mechanisms, allowing for two-way interactions and behavior tracking. Unlike a “one-size-fits-all” approach, PatientBond leverages a powerful psychographic segmentation model to personalize targeted content for healthcare consumers in the context of their individual motivations and communication preferences. 

Prior to his role with PatientBond, Brent co-founded c2b solutions in 2012, where he developed the psychographic model employed by PatientBond. Before that, Brent spent 20 years in marketing at P&G in its healthcare division, leading brands, customer marketing and psychographic segmentation modeling for both Pharmaceuticals and OTC businesses. 

Brent has delivered a variety of publications and industry presentations covering critical healthcare marketing topics, including consumer satisfaction, ecommerce, market research, physician and patient behavior change, and retail habits and practices. His work has most recently been covered in Forbes, The Commonwealth Fund, Population Health News and Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN).

Brent started with P&G in 1992 after graduating with honors from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business.

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