The Health:Further Consumer Summit

Disruption on Demand: Humanizing the Health Care Paradigm

On August 22* we will showcase innovative examples of consumer-driven disruption from industries outside of healthcare. We will also highlight the guiding principles, human-centered product philosophies and engagement strategies from a who's who of the world's most recognizable and respected consumer brands.


Entertainment, transportation, food music, banking, fashion, hospitality and beauty. Over the last few years, each of these industries has successfully adjusted to appeal to the always-connected consumers that we've become. Thanks to these on-demand, highly personalized services, consumers have never enjoyed the benefits of access, innovation and competition more than they do today.

We're going to do the same for healthcare.

Come hear from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeff Arnold, founders of Sharecare and WebMD, along with many other outstanding speakers from across entertainment and hospitality.

*Open only to Attendee Premium and Investor Premium Ticket holders