Everyone has a health story.

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If you haven’t been a patient, someone close to you has.

Each situation is different, a unique combination of factors ranging from a single genetic variation to the social, cultural and physical environment. At the same time, many of the processes and technologies used to prevent these situations - and treat them when they occur - are standardized.

And in most cases, we only get to see part of the story. Even when we’re the patient, there are pieces of the process that remain unclear. We only get parts of the history of our disease; the genetic basis for our condition is confusing and often obscure; we don’t get a clear look at the people and companies working on new treatment options.

With Contributing Factors, Health:Further is pulling back that curtain. We’ll be talking to clinicians, historians, economists, biomedical researchers, entrepreneurs, sociologists, investors and, most importantly, patients.

Contributing Factors, Season 1: Depression, launches March 1. Join us as we explore the (whole) story of health. Sign up below for updates on the launch and access to bonus content.