Denver: Where "Collaboration" is more than a cliché

We've spent a lot of time looking around the country at the best places to create the next generation of products that will give us access to a healthier society.

Chicago? A hotbed of great ideas and talented entrepreneurs.

In short, crushing it.

For that reason, Chicago is a charter member of

THE Health:Further Innovation League

Here's the deal:

  • In 2016, Chicago was rated as the number two city for startups.
  • Chicago is home to more than 140 public and private medical research centers.
  • The de Beaumont Foundation's CityHealth Initiative just awarded Chicago a gold medal for policies designed to improve the health and wellbeing of its residents. Gold is good.

Chicago is home to a number of leading health care institutions - including life sciences, medical device manufacturers, academia, venture capital and private equity, technology firms, and trade associations - as well as world-class providers, payers, retailers, and PBMs. It is, quite simply, the perfect convergence of all things health care.

We are especially proud to partner with MATTER in building bridges between the health communities in Nashville, Chicago, and throughout the world. Together, we are connecting innovators and ideas, working towards the ideal future of health.

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