Industry Hours


Health:Further is curating a half day of meetings between startups and executives / senior managers in the provider, payor, HR, and marketer space. Think of these individuals as your future consumers: they are looking for you to inspire them.  

Are you having trouble selling your product or service?
Feel like you don’t know who to get in touch with?
Do you know who your customer really is?

We want to help facilitate conversations that can become relationships that can change our industry and, even better, our society. With the purchase of either the Startup Discount Ticket or Entrepreneur Experience Package, you can choose to participate in this session by opting in during registration.

So how does it work, you ask?

Good question. When you register, we’ll ask you a few questions to get to know your business better. Things like, “Where does your product fit within the industry?” - and you’ll say something like, “Consumer Tech.” And we’ll be asking similar questions to the people we want to set you up with. Then, during the festival, we’ve set aside half a day for a coordinated speed networking event for you to interact with your potential consumers and have focused conversations tailored to your goals and challenges.


Trending with TennCare

TennCare Health Care Finance and Administration Chief Information Officer Hugh Hale has facilitated a relationship with Health:Further to launch the TennCare Innovation Program (TIP). This program identifies innovative solutions to common problems experienced by TIP participants. Amerigroup, BlueCare, and UnitedHealthcare have partnered with Health:Further to participate in TIP this year. 

For entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies, this program is all about generating innovation and creating opportunities for exposure.

 Health:Further has conducted customer discovery interviews with the TIP participants and discovered a common pain point: Member Outreach and Engagement. The theme is intentionally ambiguous to promote creativity in innovation.
If you think you have a solution that fits this need, please request an application here. We look forward to working with you!
Also, be on the lookout for new themes! They will be determined on an ad-hoc basis, so join our community here to be notified.