Investor Relations


We know starting a company is hard. Really, really hard. We know getting the capital to fund your company is even harder. Money. It’s what makes the world go round. But as an entrepreneur, how do you get it? How much should you ask for? What is Shark Tank?

At Health:Further we have two ways to help you answer these questions, and more: Investor Hours and Investor Matchmaking. 

The potential is as big as your market. Investors are looking to reward your innovative ideas.


Success is the Sum of Details

When you purchase the Entrepreneur Experience Package, your startup will be eligible to opt-in and apply for these sessions. The purpose of both Investor Hours and Investor Matchmaking at the Health:Further Festival is to get your startup in front of the investors that are making innovation possible. These people have valuable expertise in Healthcare IT, Healthcare services, Diagnostic devices, Life sciences, Consumer health, Geriatrics and aging, and Food and fitness.

So, what’s the difference between the two?



Meeting Style




Additional Notes

Investor Hours --

Looking for investor's valued advice


10 minute “speed dating” sessions


Must purchase the Entrepreneur Experience Package and opt-in at Registration

Investor Matchmaking -

Finding an investor to make your startup happen


30 minute, highly curated 1-on-1 meetings


Must purchase the Entrepreneur Experience Package and complete a separate application

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**Entrepreneur Experience Package purchase and application do not guarantee an Investor Match

On purchase of the Entrepreneur Experience Package, you can opt into the Investor Hours, and your startup will be eligible to apply for the Investor Matchmaking.


Past Success Stories


Last year’s event catalyzed at least 3 platform investments so far. This year’s gathering continues to bring together startups and quality investors, with a stronger focus on building valuable connections than ever.

Because of the Health:Further investor meeting process, we were able to meet like-minded VCs knowledgeable of our space and interested in growing our business. It was an effective use of time which resulted in a term sheet less than 30 days from our initial meeting.
— Robert Chamberlain, CEO, applied health analytics