Nashville, The Nation’s HealthCare Industry Epicenter


So, what's going on in the Nashville healthcare scene?

Really, we should ask what isn't going on. Answer: not much.

  • Nashville is a one-of-a-kind center of innovation and home to a dynamic community of more than 800 companies working in healthcare.
  • Nashville’s entrepreneur community has seen $1 billion in venture capital investments over the past decade.
  • Originally known as the center for hospital management, Nashville today is home to a vibrant ecosystem of world leaders in diverse healthcare sectors, including ambulatory and outpatient surgery, long-term care, behavioral health, population health, academic research and health information technology.
  • Eighteen publicly traded healthcare companies are headquartered in Nashville, generating more than $78 billion in revenue and over half a million jobs globally.
  • With a rich tradition of entrepreneurship and executive talent, Nashville has helped shape the nation’s healthcare landscape over the past five decades and continues to improve the quality of patient care across the globe.
  • The Nashville Health Care Council seeks to inspire global collaboration to improve healthcare by serving as a catalyst for leadership and innovation. Visit for more information about Nashville’s healthcare community.