Payors at The Health:Further Festival 2017


The industry revolves around the health insurance company, and regulatory changes have been forcing innovation at an unprecedented rate in this foundational sector of the market. From attempted and failed mergers to vertical acquisitions to exchanges exits, payors are changing the way the industry works on a daily basis.

As leaders in the industry, your participation in a community focused on the future of health is necessary. There will be 1000 entrepreneurs there ready to present their innovative capabilities to the industry. Payors have no boundaries and can likely make more use of the solutions presented than any other segment of the industry. 

Payor Hours

Health:Further is curating a half day of meetings between executives and senior managers in the payor space and innovative companies. These aren’t just startups. They are large scale retailers, NGOs, growth stage companies and more. We want to help facilitate conversations, that can become relationships, that can change our industry. 

You will also be amongst 1000 of the brightest minds in healthcare innovation, striving to help improve the industry and society to be healthier. As an attendee of Health:Further, you can participate in these sessions and have focused, curated conversations tailored to your goals and challenges. 

Transformative Content

Over the course the festival, you will have an opportunity to see 20 keynotes and 20 sessions of content centered on the future of health. Some will be very relevant to the work you do on a day to day basis, and some will feel a bit like science fiction. But all of it is designed to help you broaden your thinking while you are engaging in conversation and thinking about how your enterprise will lead the industry in the next 50 years. 


Team Building and Development

Bringing your team to Health:Further and getting them out of the building will give them an opportunity to connect on internal challenges in an inspiring environment. Your team will appreciate the investment and your organization will benefit from the boost of energy and optimism gained from learning and networking in an environment of positivity around what innovation can do for the healthcare industry.

Have Fun With Your Peers

Health:Further isn’t just about learning, networking and making deals. Real relationships are born out of fun, and we will be sure to help you do just that with your industry peers. From pub crawls to dinners to our Health:Further At Night party, this will be a time you won’t soon forget.