Apply for the Health:Further TennCare Innovation Program

The TIP program will give you access to improve the effectiveness of the TennCare program, which covers 1.5 million people and has an annual budget of $11B. If selected, you will have the opportunity to present your innovation to senior leadership of TennCare, Amerigroup, BlueCare, and UnitedHealthcare for possible collaboration. The first innovation theme is Member Outreach and Engagement. If you have a product or innovation that fits this theme, we encourage you to apply!

Here’s how it works: We are continuously accepting applications because we are inviting startups to Nashville to present every month. You’ll get notified if you make the shortlist, which means we’ll send your info to TennCare and the MCOs to vote on. If selected, get ready for an intense week. A Health:Further team member will schedule 2 touch points:

  1. Logistics and Q&A
  2. Presentation Tips and Tricks.

From there, during the TIP presentation meeting, the spotlight is all on you! We strongly encourage you to come in person.

Please email tip@healthfurther.com with questions.