Is there a Health:Further App?

There is! You can download the Health:Further App on the App Store and on the Google Play Store. Sign in to the app using the email you used to register for Festival, and the password futureofhealth

What is the dress code for Health:Further?

This is a festival! We want you to be comfortable. Love ties? Wear one. Skirts or pantsuits? Great! Jeans and Chucks? Definitely. Pink Socks? You know it!!

Where should I park for Health:Further?

Nashville has plenty of public parking areas, however we would suggest parking at the Music City Center.  The parking entrance is located off 6th Avenue, under The Music City Center. Cost varies, but ranges from $10 – $25 per day.

I am taking rideshare to Health:Further, what entrance should I arrive to?
  • If taking rideshare on Monday to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum®, the best entrance for drop-off is located on 5th Ave South (under the Hatch Show Print sign).
  • If taking rideshare on Tuesday or Wednesday to the Music City Center, the best entrance for drop-off is located on the corner of 5th Ave South and Demonbreun Street.
What is Health:Further?

Health:Further is an open community focused on the future of health. We are driven to pursue two difficult ideals: that health is a human right, and that health must be supported affordably and sustainably. We are a community of providers, payers, politicians and practitioners. We are investors, innovators, artists and activists. We are patients, and together, we will create the ideal future of health.

How will 2018 be different than 2017?

Great question. There were a lot of great things that happened last year, as well as some things that detracted from attendees’ experience. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

When and where is Health:Further?

The annual Health:Further Festival will take place August 27 – 29, 2018 in Nashville, TN.

Is there a schedule available?

Yes! Visit the Festival Agenda Page to see a schedule of all the content tracks, and a combined schedule of all sessions. A more detailed agenda for each of the content tracks is also available on each content track page.

How can I get updates about the Festival?

Join our mailing list. We won’t email you every day, but important updates about the Festival will be sent out to make sure you know everything you need for a great trip.

Does Health:Further offer any discounts?

We do not. We understand that money is tight and so we have designed Festival tickets to provide a ton of value for the price.

Where can I find my invoice for my ticket?

The ticket confirmation email you should have received immediately after purchase serves as your invoice. Check your spam folder, and if you cannot locate it, please reach out to us and a representative from our team will assist you.

Who is considered a Clinician?

If you’re a medical professional, actively caring for patients, you’re a clinician and can attend under this ticket type. This includes physicians, nurses, mid-level providers, and scientist.

I’m interested in partnership opportunities at Health:Further, who do I contact?

For information on partnerships with Health:Further please click here.

Where will registration take place?
  • Registration opens at 12:00 pm on Monday, August 27th in the Grand Foyer (level 4) at The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.®
  • Registration opens at 8:00 am on Tuesday, August 28th and Wednesday, August 29th in Exhibit Hall A at the Music City Center.
Do you have anything to help me convince my boss?

We most certainly do. Check out this document, and let us know using the contact page linked below if you need more info.

I can no longer attend Health:Further, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no, we are not issuing refunds. But you can transfer your ticket to someone else, for a fee of $50. Use the contact form to reach out to us, and we’ll help you get things sorted out.

Will there be Internet access at the festival?

Yes, we will be offering complimentary WiFi during the festival.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? You can drop us a line on the contact page.