A community focused on the future of health.

Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.”

As defined by The World Health Organization

What is Health:Further?

Health:Further is an open community dedicated to the pursuit of two ideals:

Health is a human right.

Health must be supported affordably and sustainably.

We believe the successful achievement of both ideals to be the opportunity of our generation. Health:Further community members know we can and we must be successful. We owe it to ourselves, our parents, our children and to all future generations in our society.

We host an annual festival in Nashville, Tennessee – the center of healthcare in the United States. This year the Health:Further Festival takes place August 27-29, 2018. Join thousands of others in Music City this year as we take health further, together.

Our Core Values:

Take action now

Valuable ideas are everywhere

Results drive change

As an open community, we believe that our ideals will be realized when everyone has a voice and contributes to the solution.

In recent history, payors, providers and politicians have been in the driver’s seat with regards to the health of society.

We of Health:Further assert that these constituents are critical, yet insufficient to realize our ideals. To be successful, a broader assembly of concerned people, with voice and authority, is key to achieve ideals that impact us all so deeply.

Please join us and answer the call to contribute your talents and ideas to the Health:Further community.