Health:Further was founded in 2015 by Briovation as a gathering of diverse stakeholders in and around the healthcare industry to discuss potential visions and strategies for the “Future of Health”. It was built around two ideals, intended to balance the tension in the industry that had developed (for better or worse) around the delivery of care, and the way that we as a society feel about the importance of taking care of everyone, including the most vulnerable among us. Those two ideals were:




Based on these ideals, Health:Further reached out to providers, payors and politicians. We also reached to to patient advocates, investors and innovators. We sought to create a respectful convening where the incumbents and the change agents could sit together and listen to each other in the hopes that valuable relationships would grow from unique conversations. The concept was a great success. In four years, the gathering grew from a one day summit of 650 people to a three day festival bringing together nearly 2000 people. Deals were done, new connections were created, and new insights were unlocked.

We also were driven by three core values as we evolved the gathering:




At Health:Further, we have always placed immense value on the opinions of industry leaders in health & wellness and healthcare. We have sought to connect industry and innovators in unique and mutually respectful ways. We believe now is the time to activate those connections to enable our clients and partners to take advantage of the changing healthcare landscape.


At the close of the 2018 festival, we thought long and hard about what we had learned, about what had changed in the market in the four years since we started the gathering, and we thought about our three core values. We realized that dramatic changes had occurred in the last four years, and that if we were to stay true to our core values and make a real impact we would need to move beyond simply convening.

Massive consolidation in the market, momentous changes in consumers’ relationship to healthcare, significant offensive moves by the tech titans into the healthcare market, and the movement of many significant publicly traded healthcare providers into private equity ownership all signaled a pace of change that can no longer be addressed and captured in an annual event. Furthermore, it became clear that the increasingly competitive nature of the market would no longer allow large inclusive gatherings to be the place where significant innovation and solutions could be discussed and acted upon.

With those things being true, we decided to evolve Health:Further into its next phase – a strategic advisory organization. We will work with those leaders who are committed to making an impact in this tremendous window of opportunity and change, continuing to be guided by our core values. We will help leaders take action now, while they can leverage the force of change to their strategic advantage. We will help them find and evaluate the valuable ideas that are happening everywhere, especially outside of their four walls. And we will be focused on helping them deliver results that will produce momentum to continue leveraging change proactively rather than reactively.

We have the unique advantage of having built a diverse, global network of innovators over four years of convening that we can engage to partner, and we will lean into this advantage. Today is a new day at Health:Further, and we are excited to work with bold leaders to seize the day, create a better health ecosystem for all of us, and achieve our stated ideals.