Rick Starbuck

Rick Starbuck

SVP, Chief Design Officer

Change Healthcare

Rick Starbuck got his first computer at age nine. At fourteen, Activision paid him for some optimized graphics code he had written. His early work in 3D animation produced an award-winning TV spot. Over more than twenty years, he has worked with dozens of world-class brands to drive their digital strategies. In 1996, Starbuck joined a startup in Sausalito, California and beat out well-established ad agencies for accounts with Disney, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and many others. The startup was acquired by internet agency iXL, Inc. in 1998 and he went on to work with Schwab, the Mayo Clinic, Wells Fargo, Travelocity, BV Wines and many more over the next three and a half years. The web had become a place to buy things and get things done, and Starbuck began to examine the traditional notions of “technology” and “creative”. Specifically, how to improve the standard process through the application of user-centered design techniques. When he left the agency world and moved over to Washington Mutual in 2002, he put together a multi-disciplinary team that produced two complete redesigns of (2004 and 2007) that were lauded by customers and critics and set a new bar for how “simple” a financial services site could be. His work at WaMu was recognized by JPMorgan Chase who, after taking over the WaMu company and brand in 2008, asked him to come aboard to lead their web and mobile design teams and advance the customer experience-driven culture and vision inside the bank. After leading the Chase team for four years, he was recruited by Bank of America to head up their web and mobile UX team. He left the banking world in 2015 and now leads UX design and Design Thinking for Change Healthcare, bringing a truly customer-centric point-of-view and process to the business of healthcare.

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