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Conversations are good. Giving people a place to have interesting and productive conversations is what we do at Health:Further. Sometimes those conversations are in the form of an article that you can read and respond to (thank you, Medium, for providing a great platform on which to do that).

Other times? Let’s be honest, there’s a reason podcasts have gotten so popular the last couple of years. Sitting down to read isn’t always practical. Commuting, dog walking, lawn mowing…all slightly more conducive to audio than text. Also, sometimes it’s helpful to actually hear a casual conversation instead of reading an edited article.

And so, we are pleased to announce the start of The Future of Health Podcast. It’s a weekly show consisting of conversations with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, venture capitalists, Health:Further and Jumpstart Foundry team members, service providers, and many others.

Episodes will run about 15–20 minutes each, with longer conversations split into multiple parts. And, because this is the internet and we can try new things, we may experiment with other formats and/or bonus episodes.

We’re asking you to do two things:

  1. Subscribe, then leave us a rating and review on iTunes here
  2. Tell us if you have comments, questions, or suggestions for guests.

That’s it. Thanks for checking it out, and hope you enjoy The Future of Health.

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