Today our parent company Briovation announced Tokenizing Health, an initiative that aims to support the ecosystem of disruptive innovators in blockchain and health.

As Health:Further, along with Briovation and sister companies Jumpstart Foundry and Jumpstart Capital, looked more and more towards the trends that will shape the future of health, we saw an increasing role for blockchain in the rapidly approaching disruption of the healthcare industry. Of course, we’re not the only ones seeing this. A long list of fantastic organizations like Hashed Health and Change Healthcare are doing remarkable work in the field.

There are, however, a lot of different types of blockchain tools and platforms. Where our team saw the opportunity was in the area of public, permissionless blockchains. In addition, the Brio team realized that sorting through the entire healthcare blockchain landscape was…challenging, to put it mildly. With that in mind, they began organizing all the companies (they could find) working in the space. That project led to The Blockchain BrioView, a categorized directory of these companies. If you want to see who’s doing what, check out the directory or browse all the companies (have fun, you’ll be scrolling for a while).

If you’re interested in speaking at the Tokenizing Health Summit, check out this article and the submission guidelines.

Either way, buy your ticket to Health:Further 2018 and join us for the Tokenizing Health Summit, taking place on Wednesday, August 29.

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