Any discussion of innovation in healthcare would be incomplete without a conversation around one of the most disruptive emerging technologies in the world: blockchain. The Tokenizing Health Summit at Health:Further 2018 explored public, permissionless blockchains in healthcare and convened the innovators creating the future of health through tokenized health platforms.

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Defining the Terms:

The tokenization of assets is bringing about entirely new ways of thinking about value exchange. The healthcare industry has struggled to evolve to a value-based system, but tokenization brings new models and ways of thinking about how all aspects of health can be valued. In this session, we will discuss the status quo, what tokenization really means, and where the first opportunities lie.

Decentralization in Healthcare:

Decentralization is at the heart of blockchain’s power, but achieving the ideal decentralization is proving to be a difficult proposition. Consensus mechanisms all have tradeoff and drawbacks, and the blockchain world is now coming to terms with that. In this session, we will explore this challenging topic with the creator of a consensus mechanism that applies its own take on decentralization.

Blockchain & Patient Sovereignty:

A great focus of blockchains and tokenized systems is removing power from centralized authorities. In the healthcare system, the patient is the least empowered party, in terms of having access and control of their data. Tokenized health systems aim to change this. In this session, we will talk to three innovators who have set out to put the patient back in control of their health through the blockchain.

Governance & The Decentralized Healthcare Market:

Blockchain is creating entirely new models for how a healthcare economy can operate. In this session, we will talk to three different projects that have created alternatives to the current healthcare system. We will discuss how these markets are governed, and how the incentives they’ve designed will actually drive adoption.

Working Models:

Three companies will discuss their model for what a decentralized healthcare economy / marketplace looks like. This is where we transition from talking about the theoretical to the practical. A panel of investors & experts in the healthcare and blockchain industries will be evaluating the models live in front of the audience, giving them insight into illuminating the challenges of implementation.

Who Wins & Who Loses?

Blockchain is designed to displace central authorities. In healthcare, it can sometimes be hard to tell who is most likely to benefit from blockchain, versus who is most likely to lose them entire business from it. In this session, we will discuss how the existing industry can leverage tokenized blockchains, and also who is most likely going to be impacted by it.

How Long Before It’s Real?

It is often said that the blockchain world is like 1993 of the Internet. Early, immature, and not ready for primetime. But the question for all of us is, when will it be ready for primetime and what stands in its way? Compliance, security, user experience, education, regulation, technology challenges and more all must be discussed. In this session, we will attempt to cover the bases and predict when the promise of blockchain will be fulfilled.

ICOs, STOs, & Tokenomics:

Everyone is excited and scared to death of the new financing models that tokenization has brought about. ICOs have been completely outlawed in some countries, and they have become economic development magnets for other countries that have embraced them. As the landscape for regulation continues to shift, we bring together experts in the space to provide guidance on what to expect and how to navigate this unknown territory.

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