Blockchain is poised to disrupt – and we use that word advisedly – the entire healthcare system. Blockchain will affect accountability, data liquidity, patient control of personal health information, and even the financial side of healthcare going forward. At the same time, there’s a lot of hype around blockchain and cryptocurrency, with much of the promise yet to be realized. In this set of talks, learn what blockchain is and how it applies to healthcare.

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Defining the Terms:

The tokenization of assets is bringing about entirely new ways of thinking about value exchange. The healthcare industry has struggled to evolve to a value-based system, but tokenization brings new models and ways of thinking about how all aspects of health can be valued. In this session, we will discuss the status quo, what tokenization really means, and where the first opportunities lie.

Blockchain and Finance:

This session will cover the blockchain basics for the finance and management community. We will discuss answers to the questions…

  • How does a blockchain transaction work?
  • Who uses blockchain?
  • How is it different than other transactions/financial or otherwise?
  • What are some of the use cases?


ICOs, STOs, & Tokenomics:

Everyone is excited and scared to death of the new financing models that tokenization has brought about. ICOs have been completely outlawed in some countries, and they have become economic development magnets for other countries that have embraced them. As the landscape for regulation continues to shift, we bring together experts in the space to provide guidance on what to expect and how to navigate this unknown territory.

Who Wins & Who Loses?

Blockchain is designed to displace central authorities. In healthcare, it can sometimes be hard to tell who is most likely to benefit from blockchain, versus who is most likely to lose them entire business from it. In this session, we will discuss how the existing industry can leverage tokenized blockchains, and also who is most likely going to be impacted by it.

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