With the increasing demands of clinical practice and competing administrative priorities on clinicians’ time, health innovation has moved forward without adequate clinician input, often failing to effectively improve patient outcomes or meet the needs of care providers. The Clinician Innovator and Entrepreneur Track is a day dedicated to exploring what happens when innovation sits in the hands that deliver it, discussing how to bring big ideas to market and lead innovative change as a clinician.

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Be the Change

The opening session of the Clinician Innovator and Entrepreneurship track will primarily focus on setting the stage for later discussions in the day. Specifically targeted towards clinicians new to the innovation space, or those interested in entrepreneurship for the first time, the session will feature welcome remarks and highlight the key issues, challenges, and opportunities to get involved by those with a clinical background.

Adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset

In panel discussion format, this session will feature three clinician entrepreneurs who come from different business backgrounds to discuss the potential need for an MBA degree and what other tools are needed to develop, build, and scale a business idea. Topics to highlight include the role and value of MD/MBA degrees, assembling and joining successful business teams, and leveraging clinical experience in the business environment to create value.

Driving the Future of Health Innovation with Care Redesign

We all have ideas about ways we would change the practice of healthcare if we could: spend more time with our patients, deliver value over volume, and help mitigate the rising costs of care without an improvement in health outcomes. In this session, we’ll hear from a physician entrepreneur who has done just that. Oak Street Health is revolutionizing the approach to value-based care in the Midwest and Dr. Griffin Myers will discuss his approach to medicine, how he balances clinical time with his business endeavors, and the challenges he’s faced along the way.

Making an Impact: Leveraging a Clinical Background to Develop Meaningful Innovation

As clinicians, we’re often forced to create innovative workarounds for clinical care processes through the day and over the course of our careers. But, we don’t often understand how to translate the lessons we’ve learned at the bedside into innovative solutions on a larger scale. In this session, we’ll explore how to build upon the years of clinical experience and translate them into solutions at the macro level.

Agents of Change & Making it Happen

In fireside chat format, we’ll have interviews with three successful clinician entrepreneurs who will discuss their time building companies and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. Meant to highlight the common problems that entrepreneurs face along the path, this discussion is meant to highlight those challenges that are specific to the clinical community. We’ll discuss the role of a Chief Medical Officer, Medical Advisor, Informed Investor, and full-time vs. fractional involvement with a business.

Diversity in Innovation

Innovation means not just creating new “things.” It also means we need to change the way we operate our existing organizations. Workplace structure, roles, and gender equality are issues of critical importance that need to be explored to develop sustainable cultures of innovation and build resilient organizations that can adapt to changing workforce demographics. In this session, we’ll explore the unique challenges in diversity confronting the innovation space and how we can build organizations that allow everyone to thrive and succeed.

Collaboration for Successful Innovation: How to Partner with Delivery Systems

As clinicians, we’ve worked on the care delivery side of hospitals and health system organizations. Translating that clinical knowledge into innovative solutions that can be scaled and delivered to larger and more complex organizations is a critical piece of innovation based entrepreneurship. In this session, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges of integrating new innovations into complex health systems and strategies for effective and successful implementation.

Pulling it all Together: From Clinician to Entrepreneur

We’ll host a discussion session with Dr. Derek DuBois, Founder of DOC (www.DOCjobs.com), the original and largest platform for clinicians interested in non-clinical/alternative careers. With a member base of 43,000 clinicians and scientists, DOC was the first platform to develop and nurture the space for clinician entrepreneurs and still connects more companies with eligible talent than any other platform. Dr. DuBois went to Med School at Columbia, trained in Internal Medicine at NYU and worked at two startups before working as a Partner at McKinsey and Company, where he started McKinsey Advanced Healthcare Analytics, and Accenture. In this session, Dr. DuBois will help pull out the lessons from the morning sessions while sharing his own longitudinal view of the space.


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