How do you use your role, no matter what it is, to inspire, encourage, and lead the people around you? Listen to these three talks from Health:Further 2018 and gain new insights into what leadership looks like in the context of healthcare.

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Leadership, Culture & Healthcare

In this talk, Dr. Jeff Thompson, CEO Emeritus of Gundersen Health System, interviewed by Molly Cate of Jarrard, Inc., discusses his time leading one of the top-rated health systems in the country. He provides insight into how culture is established from the top, how leaders can empower people within an organization to do their best work and develop ideas that will benefit everyone – to not just say the words, but actually give people the ability and desire to get involved – and what good leadership ultimately means to the patients being served.

High Performance Leadership: Business Lessons from a Ferrari Racing Instructor

The world of healthcare is changing quickly. If organizations are going to succeed long-term, they need leaders who take calculated risks, understand how to pull the right levers and drive sustainable change. These lessons are often learned the hard way on a race track but can be great tools for driving high-performance leadership within the healthcare industry.

Leaders Lead with Excellence

The innovation of leadership is still evolving.  It requires digging deep to make sure we are still passionate about our goals and the goals of others.  Leadership in one’s title is not enough. Learn how to focus on excellence within yourself, your organization and within others to Lead with Excellence.

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