What are the emerging trends shaping the next decade of healthcare in the United State? What do healthcare executives need to be aware of to ensure their organizations will keep up, or better yet, get ahead as things change? Where is money being spent, where is money being saved? How serious is the threat from non-healthcare and retail companies like Walmart? Check out the following talks from Health:Further 2018 for insight from some of the country’s leading experts in healthcare management, finance and consumerization.

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Consumerism and a More Accessible, Affordable, High-Quality Healthcare System – With Marcus Osborne of Walmart

What does one of the country’s largest companies, and retailers, think about healthcare? And, what is Walmart doing to improve things for its team members and customers? In this fireside chat, Walmart VP of Health & Wellness Transformation Marcus Osborne pulls no punches about where he sees things headed. Healthcare executives take note.


Economics of the Patient Experience

Join us for a fireside chat on how to innovate the patient experience. Hear from providers that will share challenges and successes and what the future holds for patients in their systems.


Innovation in Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare providers are subject to challenges from disrupters and disruptive technologies more than ever before. Hear what leading and innovative providers are doing to take advantage of new business models and technologies to succeed in this exciting but challenging environment.


Innovation Today – Breaking the Fee for Service Inertia

There are many talks and papers on how the U.S. healthcare system needs to evolve, but most of them would require an individual or governing body with powers that cut across all players in the current system. This talk is specifically focused on what health systems can and should do to improve their population’s health; solutions that work in any insurance environment and in any physician alignment structure. Through my experience over the last 13 years with 4 leading health systems, I hope to show that the risk of sitting still is greater than the risk of trying new delivery models. I will close with current models I am attempting as COO of Florida Hospital East Orlando and how I hope this will help patients and our business model.


Post-Acute Care: The Next Frontier

Former HHS CTO Bruce Greenstein left government service in June, 2018 and returned to the private sector. After years of tracking virtually every emerging trend and technology in healthcare, Greenstein decided to focus his efforts on post-acute care and care transitions. Hear why he’s taking that direction, and why the industry needs to be looking more cloesly at post-acute care, in this talk.


Risk and Security – Keeping the Bad Guys at Bay

Healthcare faces growing cybersecurity exposure and threats, creating unprecedented and shifting risks. This session talks about the sources of the risk and actions every organization can take to defend themselves.


The Innovation Imperative

Innovation comes in many forms and is fairly easy to say but much more challenging in practice. Learn about OSF Healthcare’s approach to investing in and structuring a culture of innovation. The presentation will include how the organization defines and structures core, adjacent and breakthrough innovation, as well as OSF’s commitment to venture capital and how all of it is connected to the purpose of the health system.


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