Marquise Stillwell, Founder and Principal at Openbox, might be our favorite guest on the Future of Health Podcast. Stillwell brings a unique perspective to healthcare that comes from his design background combined with constant consideration of cultural and social questions. As a result, he is designing a future healthcare system that necessarily looks radically different than what we have today. In this conversation, we discuss some of those cultural considerations, including what is “culture”? Stillwell talks about the “invisible gap” that contributes to issues like under-utilization of recommended cancer screenings. We discuss the physical design of the hospital, and how Stillwell is even now rethinking what (or if!) a hospital should be.

Openbox itself is a design studio that uses human-centered design to solve real-world problems. Their work includes urban design, education, mobility, and healthcare. Projects cover multiple formats, including film – Marquise mentions a current film project at the beginning of the conversation. Openbox has partnered with Health:Further for the past two years as a sponsor and stage host.


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