By the year 2060 the number of American adults 65 years and older will double to 98 million, meaning that nearly every one in four individuals will fit in this demographic. Meanwhile, in contrast from previous generations, aging today is becoming synonymous with activity—many adults in this age group are continuing to work, pursue new hobbies, find love online, and engage in their communities.

Despite this, companies are obsessed with understanding wants and needs of millennials—to capture their spending power—as opposed to this growing and evolving population. Many products and services don’t offer much for aging, much less the “active” part of aging.  Aging adults Openbox has spoken with expressed frustration with their limited options: “There are only so many bingo nights you can go to,” “Why does everything have to look like an old person’s shoe?” Over and over, we see opportunities for organizations—from fitness to fashion, healthcare to hospitality—to cater to this growing population with significant purchasing power.

We want to advance the conversation around older people, design and business: How might we redefine core users of a business to include older people, in order to scale its user base? How might we reimagine product value for older people, in order to create hybrid offerings? How might we redesign hiring practices to embrace older people, in order to create truly inclusive organizations?

We invite you to join cross-industry business leaders in this conversation at Openbox’s Designing for Active Aging: A one-day immersive design thinking workshop on Friday, November 9th, in New York City. We will provide an introduction to human-centered design, share our insights on designing for aging, and take small groups of participants out into the field to collectively design a new experience for older people using design thinking. Learn more and RSVP here.

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This post originally appeared on the Openbox blog as “Age is more about aspiration than it is about limitation


Huyen Nguyen

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