As the retail industry looks for new ways to improve the shopping experience and manage consumer expectations around personalization, convenience, service and digital tools, the healthcare industry is learning to engage consumers for the first time. Historically a business-to-business industry, healthcare has not needed a deep understanding of consumer behavior. That foundation is shifting as care moves out of hospitals and individual patients begin having opportunities to act more like a true consumer.

Health:Further has partnered with the Global Market Development Center to produce a track at the 2019 Selfcare Summit and look at these issues. GMDC CEO Patrick Spear joined us on the podcast to discuss the state of retail today, explain selfcare, and talk about the value of unconventional partnerships between the healthcare and retail industries.

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During the ​Rise of the Healthcare Consumer Track​ at the 2019 Selfcare Summit you will learn about opportunities for the healthcare and retail sectors to redefine how health is delivered based on trends in both industries.

Healthcare providers will learn how to leverage care moving away from hospitals and towards patients-as-consumers for increased traffic, new revenue streams, and better overall health for society.

The track will include talks and workshops on behavior change, change management, consumerism in healthcare, marketing, new models of healthcare-retail partnerships, and lots of case studies.

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