You all remember Chris Chan – good friend of Health:Further and a former guest on the podcast. He is a healthcare entrepreneur and innovator in the best sense of both terms. Chris brings a unique and creative perspective to his work across healthcare, with his latest venture over at We like Chris and his ideas so we asked him to guest host the show.

His guest is Dr. Kyra Bobinet, a physician, entrepreneur, design thinker and behavior expert. She combines design principles with some serious neuroscience to help people change and adapt. It’s an important intersection of skills in today’s healthcare environment. Patients need to change, clinicians need to adjust their thinking and operations, and organizations need to change to new realities. Dr. Bobinet’s work focuses on the individual, but it has implications for all aspects of our healthcare system.

Here’s the key exchange as far as we’re concerned:

CC: What would you say to the patients out there based on your work?

KB: It’s unpacking the mystery of, ‘I know what I should do, I don’t know why I don’t do it.’”

Dr. Bobinet points out that we all have to figure out change every single time. Which means it helps to know how it all works so we’re empowered and intentional, not just reactive. Listen to the whole thing, and check out her work at

You can also watch their interview over on Chris’ YouTube channel The Art of Chan

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