As healthcare changes at an ever-accelerating pace, financial managers must constantly work to find new ways to provide fiscally responsible support for innovative solutions to healthcare’s most urgent problems. In partnership with TN HFMA, the Health:Further Festival will provide education and insight to healthcare financial managers, as well as expose them to the trends that will change their organizations in the future.

Sessions at Growing the Margin will focus on the intersection of finance and innovation

Recognizing and Mitigating Risk

Cybersecurity and Why It Matters to Finance

Reimagining the Patient Experience

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This Year’s Speakers and Agenda

9:00-9:05am: Opening Remarks

Buffy Loveday, VP of Strategic Sales, CarePayment Technologies; Lisa Brantley, Programs & Education Chair, TN HFMA

Welcome and introduction from the Tennessee HFMA team.

9:05-9:50am: Innovation in Health Care Delivery

Neil de Crescenzo, CEO, Change Healthcare

Healthcare providers are subject to challenges from disrupters and disruptive technologies more than ever before. Hear what leading and innovative providers are doing to take advantage of new business models and technologies to succeed in this exciting but challenging environment.

9:50-10:20am: High Performance Leadership – Business Lessons from a Ferrari Racing Instructor

Josh Johnson, Manager, GE Healthcare Partners

The world of healthcare is changing quickly. If organizations are going to succeed long-term, they need leaders who take calculated risks, understand how to pull the right levers and drive sustainable change. These lessons are often learned the hard way on a race track but can be great tools for driving high-performance leadership within the healthcare industry. 

10:20-10:50am: Innovation Today - Breaking the fee for service inertia

Austin Purkeypile, VP of Operations and Chief Operating Officer, Florida Hospital – East Orlando

There are many talks and papers on how the U.S. healthcare system needs to evolve, but most of them would require an individual or governing body with powers that cut across all players in the current system. This talk is specifically focused on what health systems can and should do to improve their population’s health; solutions that work in any insurance environment and in any physician alignment structure. Through my experience over the last 13 years with 4 leading health systems, I hope to show that the risk of sitting still is greater than the risk of trying new delivery models. I will close with current models I am attempting as COO of Florida Hospital East Orlando and how I hope this will help patients and our business model.

10:50-11:20am: Magnolia Health System - a Healthcare Journey

Clint Jones, Vice President of Sales & Development, AccuReg; Jase DuRard, Chief Revenue Officer, AccuReg; Erika Albarran, Patient Financial Services Manager, Magnolia Regional Health Center; Hannah Bascomb, Patient Access Manager, Magnolia Regional Health Center.

TN HFMA introduces a panel discussion on the journey one health system took to transform their revenue cycle from beginning to end.  The panel features Magnolia Regional Health Center and is moderated by AccuReg.  Learn how Magnolia grew their POS collections by 600% in a matter of months, reduced their denials, improved efficiency across the revenue cycle, and increased the facility’s NET revenue.

11:20-11:55am: Risk and Security - Keeping the bad guys at bay

Paul Connelly, VP of Information Protection & Security and Chief Information Security Officer, HCA Healthcare

Healthcare faces growing cybersecurity exposure and threats, creating unprecedented and shifting risks.  This session talks about the sources of the risk and actions every organization can take to defend themselves.

11:55-1:00pm: Lunch networking

Join your fellow attendees for developing old relationships and building new ones over lunch. Follow up with speakers, take a walk around the block with your colleagues, or find a quiet spot to catch up on email.

1:00-1:30pm: The Innovation Imperative

Michael Allen, CFO, OSF Healthcare System

Innovation comes in many forms and is fairly easy to say but much more challenging in practice. Learn about OSF Healthcare’s approach to investing in and structuring a culture of innovation. The presentation will include how the organization defines and structures core, adjacent and breakthrough innovation, as well as OSF’s commitment to venture capital and how all of it is connected to the purpose of the health

1:30-2:00pm: Blockchain and Finance

Brian McCuller, Shareholder-in-charge, LBMC Tax Practice

This session will cover the blockchain basics for the finance and management community. We will discuss answers to the questions…

  • How does a blockchain transaction work?
  • Who uses blockchain?
  • How is it different than other transactions/financial or otherwise?
  • What are some of the use cases?
2:00-2:30pm: Economics of the Patient Experience

Charles Hagood, DSc, Partner & Practice Leader, Press Ganey; Ashley Bauer, Vice President of Patient Experience, TriStar Health; Brian Carlson, Senior Director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Join us for a fireside chat on how to innovate the patient experience. Hear from providers that will share challenges and successes and what the future holds for patients in their systems.

2:30-3:00pm: Leaders Lead with Excellence

Buffy Loveday, VP of Strategic Sales, CarePayment Technologies; Cheri S. Kane, VP of Revenue Cycle, Community Health Systems; Guice Smith, Managing Partner, Guice Smith & Associates

The innovation of leadership is still evolving.  It requires digging deep to make sure we are still passionate about our goals and the goals of others.  Leadership in one’s title is not enough.  Learn how to focus on excellence within yourself, your organization and within others to Lead with Excellence.

3:30-5:30pm: Women in Leadership Fireside chat & Networking

Miriam Paramore, President, OptimizeRx; Monica Greene, Manager of Ambulatory Implementations, LifePoint Health; Nikki Smith-BartleyVP & Special Counsel – Diversity & Inclusion, Asurion; Pamela Weir, President & CEO, Precera Bioscience; Katya Kharlamova, Senior Software Engineer, Collective Medical

Whether you’re just launching your career or are looking back over years of experience, come join us to learn from and meet with women at all different stages of their career. We will hear from a panel of women representing a variety of organizations, roles and professional experience. Listen in as they discuss their personal and professional journeys, then enjoy a casual time of networking to meet your fellow attendees.

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