• Any discussion of innovation in healthcare would be incomplete without a conversation around one of the most disruptive emerging technologies in the world: blockchain. The Tokenizing Health Summit will explore public, permissionless blockchains in healthcare and convene the innovators creating the future of health through tokenized health platforms. Learn from the individuals and organizations building the latest blockchain solutions for healthcare, connect with a coalition of leading blockchain experts, and use those relationships to create new healthcare resources built on public, permissionless blockchains.

Some of the topics we’ll cover at the Tokenizing Health Summit | 2018

Public Permissionless Blockchains 101: An Introduction for Healthcare Practitioners

Disparate Data: Fragmentation and Interoperability in Tokenized Health Platforms

Creating an Efficient Healthcare Market with the Patient at the Center

With more sessions coming!

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The Tokenizing Health Summit at the 2018 Health:Further Festival is programmed as a part of the Tokenizing Health Initiative from Briovation.